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October 31, 2017 will be the 500th Anniversary of the posting of "95 Theses" on Justification by Faith by Martin Luther. Next year everyone will be talking about it. Even the Pope is going to say nice things about Luther (he has already started).

It's going to be an ecumenical global group hug.

And Luther would be appalled by it all.

What would Luther say if he were here today?

You are going to find out, and you are going to say it.

God Wants YOU to be the Next Martin Luther.

Yes, YOU.

You're probably thinking,

"Who, me? I'm just an ordinary Christian. How can I be an extraordinary Christian like Martin Luther?
"Luther spent years studying the Bible night and day in order to discover Justification by Faith.
"God has not called me to full-time Bible study and theology. I don't have time to go to seminary for half a dozen years!"

There are more misunderstandings in that thinking than there are sentences.

Luther challenged the sale of "indulgences." Luther said you can't buy forgiveness of sins.

Luther's extraordinary contribution was not a result of his being an extraordinary genius or saint.

  • It's a "no-brainer."
    Luther and Lutherans would be the first to tell you that Luther's insight on justification did not come to him because he had a higher I.Q. than everyone else, or because he had some extraordinary anointing of the Spirit. The idea, they will tell you, is plain enough for a child to see. It's as obvious as it is important.
  • Luther was not the first.
    Luther's "discovery" of "Justification by Faith" was not extraordinary or unique. His "discovery" was "discovered" many times before, by men like Wycliffe and Hus. You are perfectly capable of coming to a world-changing insight because God is capable of making it clear in the Bible.
  • An "amateur" can change the world.
    Luther was a monk -- a "professional" theologian. You are just an "amateur" theologian. But the word "amateur" comes from the Latin amare, "love." An "amateur" loves what he does. A "professional" does it for money. Every Christian should have a love of the Bible.
  • Seminaries don't have a monopoly on the Bible.
    You don't have to be a professional theologian to be the Next Luther. In fact, it helps if you are not a seminary student.
  • What distinguished Martin Luther from many in his day was his willingness to say "Here I Stand," even if that meant standing alone against the most powerful people and institutions of the day. It's not that Luther was a Mensa nerd and enjoyed figuring out obscure theological puzzles. It was obvious to Luther than you can't buy your way into heaven by purchasing "indulgences" from a papal broker -- as it was obvious to many other people -- but Luther was fearless enough to stand by an obvious truth in spite of pressure from "the 1%" to denounce it or remain silent.
  • In other words, the issue is moral courage, not prodigious intelligence.

I'd like to suggest that you have a moral obligation, and a calling from God, to be "the next Luther" in the following ways:

  1. You need to learn an obvious and important message from the Bible, the Word of God;
  2. Even if powerful people and institutions don't want you to believe it;
  3. You must have the moral courage to stand alone and voice this message;
  4. And trust God to change the world.

I've prepared a FREE REPORT on what you need to do to be obedient to God's Call. All it does is remind you of things you should already know, but it frames this common knowledge in an arresting and convicting way (I hope).

  • Historical Fact: Luther and his "95 Theses" changed the world. One of the most important events in Western Civilization. Even the Pope will agree that Luther was "Important." (In 1939, TIME Magazine named Adolph Hitler the "Man of the Year." Important. World-changing.)
  • Unless you're a Muslim, an Atheist, or a child-sacrificing Aztec, you should have a basic acquaintance with this important document.

Why Do We Need Another Luther Today . . .
. . . 500 years later?          

Luther is reported to have said:

“If I profess, with the loudest voice and the clearest exposition, every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christianity. Where the battle rages the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battle-field besides is mere flight and disgrace to him if he flinches at that one point.”

The Roman Church professed the doctrine of the Trinity, but that wasn't where the battle was raging in Luther's day. The battle was over buying and selling salvation.

Where does the battle rage today? What does the Bible say about it? Are you willing to stand on and with the Bible?

The Protestant Reformation is not Finished

In addition to Reformation phrases like "Sola Scriptura" ("Scripture Alone") and "Sola Fide" ("Faith Alone"), one often hears the phrase "Semper Reformanda," or ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei -- "The Reformed Church must always be reforming according to the Word of God."

  • Luther changed things in the world of "theology" and "politics."
    • In Theology, Luther talked about "Justification by Faith."
    • In Politics, Luther challenged the connection between kings and the Pope.
  • Luther was off-target on theology and politics:
    • In Theology, Luther said the epistle of James was "an epistle of straw." Luther would have thrown out this part of the Bible because it says we are "justified by works," and Luther saw this as the enemy of the doctrine of "Justification by Faith." This Free Report will show how the two can be harmonized -- without throwing out any other parts of the Bible.
    • In Politics, Luther unleashed "democracy" and totalitarianism. This Free Report will show you why the world is such a mess, and why America is headed off the proverbial cliff.
    • Maybe Luther wasn't "off-target" by much, but the longer you travel, the greater the distance from the target. It's been 500 years without a course-correction.

Why We Need Another Reformation

  • What Luther is credited with discovering and saying ("Justification by Faith")  is something that is said to be
    • Biblical
    • Important
    • Obvious
  • In other words:
    • Biblical
      "Justification by Faith" is said to be the clear teaching of the Bible.
      It's so completely Biblical that Protestants separated from Catholics.
      It's so Biblical that people can get excommunicated from church and anathematized for all eternity if they take the wrong side.
      But is it really Biblical?
      There are 30,000+ verses in the Bible. Only a handful of verses talk about "Justification by Faith." What do the other 29,990 verses say? Why did God put them there? Why have thousands of people over the course of thousands of years sacrificed their lives to protect copies of these verses from Empires that wanted to destroy them?
      What is the real meaning of the Bible? What is its message? Why is it such a big book?
    • Important
      "Justification by Faith" is said to be important: it's the very heart and soul of "the Gospel." It's so important, that you might not get to heaven if you don't get this doctrine.
      That's pretty important.
      The word "Gospel" means "Good News."
      What is the "Good News?" Certainly, the world needs "good news." That's important. But what exactly is the "good news?" That our children are doomed to live out their short lives addicted to alcohol, drugs, or porn, slaves of Empires that promote atheism and homosexuality and war, giving them our money as taxpayers and our lives as soldiers, but that we will go to heaven when we die if we believe that we are "justified by faith alone?"  Is that really "good news?" Is that all the Bible says?
      What is "the Gospel?"
    • Obvious
      It didn't take a professional theologian to find this important Biblical doctrine. Even a child is supposed to be able to understand this doctrine, because it's the clear teaching of the Scriptures. Even an amateur like you should have been able to see it. You don't have to know Greek and Hebrew to figure out something that is
      • Biblical
      • Important
      • Obvious
    • Even though you are a victim of educational malpractice in atheistic government-run schools, you should be able to figure this out, and share it with other amateur victims of educational malpractice. (This report will show you why you are a "victim of educational malpractice," and what you can do about it in the next 12 months.)

After you read this report, you'll receive an email every day for the next 95 days with the following:

  • One of Luther's 95 Theses;
  • A new Thesis;
  • A path to read through the Bible in the next 95 days. That's about 300 verses a day. You don't actually have to read (and pronounce) every single name in every single genealogy or census or list of troops in the Israelite army. You don't have to spend a lot of time reading about every piece of furniture in the temple. You just need to see how the genealogies and the temple blueprints fit in the overall message of the Bible. Put your eyes on every single page in your Bible over the next 95 days and ask yourself 95 questions about 95 Theses. Your life will not be the same.

If you sign up today and begin this 95-day online course on July 29, 2016, you'll finish up on October 31, 2016, which is "Reformation Day," commemorating the anniversary of Luther's posting of the 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517. Then you'll be given details on what to do for the next 365 days to be ready on October 31, 2017, the 500th Anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

You are going to be prepared to be a "good and faithful servant" of God. You'll be a vessel prepared to serve God in the way God wants to use you.

Luther changed history, but not by being "the first," nor by being a marketing genius. In fact, much of the credit for the Protestant Reformation goes to Gutenberg. Gutenberg invented modern "printing," and made it possible for independent printers to set up publishing businesses to print lots of copies of Luther's 95 Theses because these capitalist entrepreneurs saw an economic opportunity to sell something controversial to consumers who were looking for something interesting to read. Luther challenged the most powerful institution on the planet in his day. People were talking all about this radical "reformer," not because they agreed with Luther, but because he was controversial. Gutenberg's presses were giving the world something to talk about.

Today we have the Internet, which makes Gutenberg look like kindergarten. There are 7 billion people on this planet looking for something interesting to read.

You are going to write it.

When you read this Free Report, and after you finish our 95-day Bootcamp, you are going to write your own 95 Theses. Ninety-five sentences to your college roommate or professor, your next-door neighbor, your granddaughter, or someone you haven't even met yet, but that God will connect you with. This person is going to share your 95-sentence statement of faith with everyone on her Facebook page, or something like that, and it will change the world.

Luther was a loner monk, searching the Scriptures every day, by himself, and ended up changing the minds of kings.

There is a theory called "Six Degrees of Separation," which says that I can reach any human being on earth with no more than Five Someones. Thus:

  • Somehow, I know you. You are
  • Someone-1 who knows
  • Someone-2 who knows
  • Someone-3 who knows
  • Someone-4 who knows
  • Someone-5 who knows
  • Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran

That's why I've written 95 Theses of my own.
That's why I've written this Free Report, and that's why I want to give it to you.

Am I a prophet?


Can I guarantee that you will be the Next Martin Luther?


Can I guarantee that your 95-sentence statement of faith will change the world?


  • Should you read one of the most important documents in human history (Luther's 95 Theses);
  • Should you read the Bible; and
  • Should you write out an important, obvious, but neglected truth from the Bible that you will have learned over the next 95 days in 95 sentences (or any length you choose) and share it with your children, a neighbor, a co-worker, or just one other person, and let God decide whether or not it should spread throughout the Internet?

Of course you should.

  • Is it a moral obligation for you to read the Bible and understand its important and obvious message?
  • Do you already waste an hour a day reading spam emails and watching cute kitty videos (or worse)?
  • Should you -- ought you -- must you -- sign up for this Free Report and start your 95-day Bible Bootcamp?

Of course you should.

Sign up right now to get your Free Report and begin your 95-day Transformation.

If you read Luther's 95 Theses and if you read the New 95 Theses I'm going to share with you, and if you follow the model of the Bereans (Acts 17:11) and compare both sets of 95 Theses with the Bible, you will experience

the most profound, beneficial, 
massive, and lasting
personal transformation
of your entire life.

And you may change the world.

Did I mention that it's FREE?

Put your credit card away.

There's no obligation.

No missionary will knock on your door.

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